Starting ASP.NET 5

I just started learning ASP.NET 5. Lots of new stuff. I am starting with this course in Microsoft Virtual Academy.

  • It is a reset of the ASP.NET platform. The project structure is changed inspired by RoR, node.js stuff
  • Can develop raw socket app or using framework or both. Part of the app can use raw socket (WebApi) and the other parts can use MVC 6
  • Can run in just CoreCLR alone like a standalone app. no dependecy on os (windows). so support of cross platform with Apple or Linux platforms
  • self contained. so any update to the framework should be selectively updated by the developer.
  • cloud ready. seamless transition from dev machine to cloud server

Sounds interesting so far. I want to use ReactJS with ASP.NET. The NuGet package for ASP.NET 5 is React.AspNet It seems is not ready for ASP.NET 5 yet.

Opened a new issue at React.Net github

I will add more info about my learning with ASP.NET.

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